The mucosal healing programme develops proprietary chitin microparticle products to modulate the immune response, enhance gut health and assist patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The programme is supported by strong pre-clinical evidence and a robust portfolio of patents.

Proprietary Technology; Clear USP for Managing IBD

The mucosal healing programme is based on a patented proprietary method for producing microparticles of chitin. The ‘microfluidiser’ technology allows production of chitin particles of a specific size which delivers semi-viscous gel-like properties ideal for enhancing gut health and managing IBD. Particle size is specific for pathway specific cellular and tissue effects, and chitin is known to play a role in innate and adaptive immunity.  The product is safe (GRAS, generally recognised as safe) and, therefore, can be developed rapidly into the clinic.

Chitin microparticles are ideal for managing IBD as they both modify the immune response and provide a physical barrier effect by binding to gut receptors. This dual mechanism of action promotes mucosal healing while reducing the inflammatory response. 

Proof of Concept Established in Animals

Animal studies have shown that, in mice, the administration of chitin microparticles leads to reduced mucosal damage in a model well established to be relevant to IBD. Preclinical data suggests potential use for treating both acute and chronic colitis.

Next step: POC clinical trial as add-on therapy for patients with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis (subset of IBD)

 Market Opportunity and Positioning

Approximately 1.4m people in the US suffer from IBD with a similar number in Europe. Although existing drugs are widely used, the first line mesalamine products induce remission in just 30-40% of patients with 30% of those relapsing as maintenance treatment continues. There is, therefore, a substantial unmet need for new, safe treatments for those with mild/moderate disease who are unresponsive to these first line options or relapse, but who are unwilling to progress to immunosuppressants, steroids or high cost biologics. This is where Biosys Health plans to position its chitin microparticle IBD product.

Intellectual Property

Biosys Health has a robust portfolio of patents and applications covering the proprietary method of production of chitin microparticles as well as their use.